Nasty Casty Records was founded by musicians, for musicians.  Well aware of the frustration often associated with major label deals, the founders of NCR vow to commit the necessary resources to help their artists achieve success.  “It’s a catch 22,” says David F. Castagno, founder and CEO of Nasty Casty Records.  “You will remain low on the food chain at a major label until you prove yourself sales-worthy, however, as long as you’re low on their list of priorities it’s almost impossible to sell your music.”  Castagno spent several years fronting L.A. rock bands in the ‘80s, which eventually lead him to publishing Screamer Magazine.  As publisher of a national music magazine, he had the unique opportunity to interface with several departments at all the major labels.  “We worked with their sales, marketing, advertising and publicity departments on a daily basis and because of a column we published, called Demo-lition we worked directly with several different A&R reps from various labels,” says Castagno.  “The column’s purpose was to have A&R reps review demos from unsigned bands.  It was a great concept and a very successful column,” he concludes.  Having worked with and in so many facets of the music business gives Castagno a truly rare and well-rounded perspective of the industry.